What I did on my 40th Birthday!

So the day started well, but early, breakfast in bed before a journey to Throckley to watch Zach play football (Hotshots won 4-1 so great present from Zach and the boys!).  Unexpectedly Jamie appeared having left work early to watch the match, nice one, he then suggested he pop up with my prezzie as soon as we got back.

Now we were meant to be at my mothers seeing my sister and family that afternoon so I said no problem but we won’t have to be long!  This was important, you should remember this!  Judy then insisted Zach and I had a hotdog, this is unusual but then hey it was my birthday… right.

We duly headed home and within 5 mins Jamie arrived brandishing a card … I opened it and read the following ….
Dear Mr A.L Willis

Congratulations – Your Race Place is Secure

As race director I am delighted to write to confirm you have been successful in your application to participate in the Langley 40th Birthday Challenge Race. This is a brand new event for 2012 and we have been overwhelmed by the response it has received.

We hope your training and dieting has been going well and we are sure you will be in fine shape to join us on the race start line on Saturday 10th November 2012.

Due to the relatively low number of participants taking part in this year’s event your start time will be relatively flexible (see below).

Your race schedule is as follows:
Date: Saturday 10th November 2012
Start Time: 12noon – 1pm
Race HQ: Robson Drive, Hexham, Northumberland, NE46 2HZ
Please arrive at teh start line no later than one minute before starting your race.

Your race number has been enclosed and must be worn and kept visible at all times during the duration of your race.

The concept of this new look race is simple; Complete 40km in order to receive your present at the finish line which is hidden some 40km away.

PS: You may see some familiar faces on your run, so be sure to watch out and give them all a smile no matter how you are feeling.

Should you have any concerns, queries or issues with this challenge I will be more than happy to hear from you at the finish line.

Happy running

Race Director
01434 666 666

So … obviously I thought, there’s no way he’s going to make me run 40km on my birthday, I mean that’s 24 miles and he knows I have lots of family commitments today.
I dutifully got changed into my running gear asking should I take my headphones, do I need a drink etc! Still believing he’d say, nah … only joking here’s your prezzie! …

I was then ushered to the front door where the race starting ceremony commenced and I was sent on my way with the sound of his car horn.

Read the full story here

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